2022 Letter from Panos Kirnidis

“We have all experienced a dramatic two years and this has had a profound effect on the maritime shipping world. Yet in looking back on 2021 there were a number of things that have given us hope and proved that Palau International Ship Registry is still on an upward course.

The biggest news for the registry has been the elevation to the Paris MoU Grey List that was announced in the middle of 2021. This was the culmination of a five-year campaign to prove to the industry that Palau was not just a new registry, but a progressive one based on digital technology combined with a human element.

We are not standing still. In 2022 we will build on that progress as we continue to innovate and introduce online services that have made our competitors sit up and take notice.

Our unique Deficiency Prevention System continues to be regarded with envious eyes by other registries. We understand that: it has become a vital tool for ship owners and operators who want to remain on the right side of Port State Control and the increasing number of regulations introduced into the industry.

PISR is now a respected and valued ship registry – and that has taken us just five years to achieve this status. It is not only down to our technology but also because we have sourced and employed some of the finest people in the maritime sector.

We have stuck firmly to our commitment to the human side of the business. Every ship owner we speak to on a regular basis tells us that they value the interaction, the commitment, the dedication and the support they receive. Without you and your colleagues, this would not be the case. It is an achievement we should all be delighted with.

There is far, far more we could talk about but I wanted to keep this open letter brief and to the point. All of our latest information, along with our services and contacts are on the website. As from January 2022 we will be producing a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with new developments, new contracts and information relevant to the maritime shipping world.

After a difficult two years for the world, 2022 has been tasked with bringing greater hope for everyone.

I believe with your continuing commitment and the ongoing digital development of our services, PISR will remain a ship registry challenged the idea that size defeats ambition. We remain a ship registry the world has its eyes on and while it will not be plain sailing all the way, we are assured we are on the right course.

Panos Kirnidis

HCG, BEng, MSc,

Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Palau to Greece

Chief Executive Officer

Palau International Ship Registry