FAQ about our Deficiency Prevention System

Question:  How does PISR decide if my vessel needs to be attended for inspection preparedness?

Answer:  PISR analysis the likelihood of inspection by the authorities which can be determined by a number of factors: the priority of the vessel, or any other overriding or unexpected factors that may trigger PSC attendance such as a previous PSC, FSI and RO reports or traffic in the destination port.

Question: If my vessel is prepared for the inspection but the authorities does not attend, will PISR also carry out preparedness in the next port?

Answer: In most cases, PISR will also attend the vessel in the next port in order to ensure the preparedness of the vessel for the upcoming inspection.

Question: Is it mandatory to provide a port pre-arrival notice to PISR in order for my vessel to benefit from the DPS in the next Paris or Tokyo MOU port?

Answer: No. There is a dedicated DPS department within PISR which monitors the position and the destination ports of the vessels in our fleet. 

Question: What happens when PISR physical attendance is impossible for a case?

Answer: In such case, PISR will carry out a free-of-charge Distant Audit on the vessel to provide proper guidance to the master to undergo inspection preparations. PISR’s Technical Head Office will remain at the vessel’s disposal for any after-office hours request for assistance during the inspection.