The SMART Registry

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Palau International Ship registry is globally known as the new entrant in the market with customer centric focus offering differentiated, innovative and reliable solutions for shipowners and managers – PISR is tomorrow’s leader today. PISR has a set of unique SMART tools which allow greater operational and cost-effective flexibility for the shipowners. PISR has a unique custom web SMART solution for processing all applications and workflows, accessible by different levels of industry stakeholders. In PISR era the shipowner and manager has the power on their desktop to process all their ship, yacht and seafarer’s inquiries to PISR and retrieve Key Performance Indicators of their fleet.

* Online service application

*Workflow management

* Instant job status

* Online submission of required documentation

* Online printing of certificates

* Online status of the vessel, along with vessel certificates and monitoring of important calendar dates

* Online payment

* Online library

* Full Customer Relation Management (CRM) and KYC software installation