MC 110.2 – Cyber Risk Management – Industry Guidelines – Alert To All Shipmanagers And Owners

MC 112.2 – Information About Cleansing Agents And Their Impact Upon Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment For Machinery Space Bilges

MC 115.1 – Incorporating By Reference Salvage And Marine Firefighting Requirments In Vessel Response Plans

MC 124.1 – Guidelines On The Control Of Ships In An Emergency

MC 126.1 – Guidelines On The Safety Of Navigation, Ecdis, Navigation Chart Correction And Use, Speed Input To Arpa Equipped Radars, And Traffic Separation Lanes

MC 127.1 – Hydrographic Information: Cooperation With Hydrographic Services

MC 128.1 – Guidelines for Voyage Planning

MC 129.1 – Guidelines For The Recording Of Events Related To Navigation

MC 130.1 – Guidelines For The Prevention And Resolution Of Stowaways

MC 144.3 – Annual Safety Inspections

MC 148.1 – Procedures And Requirements For P&I Insurance Approval

MC 157.1 – Directory Of PISR Deputy Registrars And Flag State Inspectors In The PISR Website

MC 165.2 – Cyber Risk Management

MC 166.1 – Means To Ensure Compliance With International Rules And Regulations

MC 172.1 – List Of Certificates And Documents Required To Be Carried On Board Ships

MC 173.1 – Type Approved Equipment For The Palau Flag Vessels

MC 174.1 – Means To Ensure Compliance With The Code On Noise Level On Board Ships

MC 176.1 – Interpretations Regarding Implementation Of International Statutory Requirements Which Contain References “To The Satisfaction Of The Administration” And “To Be Specified By The Administration

MC 177.1 – IMO Approved Fire Test Laboratories-Process For Recognition

MC 183.1 – Amendments To The International Code For Fire Safety System (FSS Code)

MC 184.1 – IMO Circular In Regard To The Outbreak Of COVID 19

MC 186.2 – Process For Placing Armed Security Personnel On Board Palau Vessels

MC 187.1 – Handling The Validity Of Ship Certificates Due To COVID-19

MC 189.2 – Inventory Of Hazardous Materials – Statement Of Compliance

MC 192.1 – End Of Life Of ISAT M2M

MC 194.1 – Licence For Yacht Master On Offshore Pleasure Yachts Of Less Than 200 Gross Tonnage

MC 200.1 – Rebuilding Of Vessel And Change Of Certificate Of Registry


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