MC 131.2 – Guidelines For Food Handling, Storage And Preparation

MC 133.1 – Hazardous Work And Consideration Of Health And Safety Issues For Seafarers Under The Age Of 18

MC 135.1 – Medical Care On Board Ship And Ashore: Medicine Chest, Recordkeeping And Responsibilities And Training For Medical Care

MC 137.2 – Provisions For Acceptance Of Insurance Companies Issuing Financial Security Certificates

MC 138.1 – Seafarer Recruitment And Placement Services Based In Non Maritime Labour Convention

MC 140.2 – Acceptance Of Medical Practitioners For Seafarers Medical Examination And Certificates

MC 142.2 – Seafarers Identification And Record Book (SIRB)

MC 156.1 – Acceptance Of Ships Cooks Training Certificates Issued By A Training Facility Approved By This Administration (PISR)

MC 185.1 – Special Measures Concerning The Issuing Of An Endorsement And Other Seafarers Maritime Documents

MC 191.1 – Special Measures Concerning The Maximum Period Of Shipboard Service For Seafarers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

MC 199.1 – Extension Of Validity Of Ukranian Seafarers’ Documents Until 30.6.2023